Cruise Surname Genealogy

surname is probably derived from the Norman
word cruz meaning “cross.”  Alternatively
it could have derived from a similar-spelt place name, either in
Flanders or Normandy.  The name
appeared in Devon as Cruwes and Cruwys; and in Ireland, after the
invasion, as Cruys and later as Cruise.
Other spellings have been Cruse and Crews.
The pronunciation has always tended to be “cruise.”

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Cruise Ancestry

Anglo-Norman name de Cruys began to
appear in Irish administrative records around the year 1200, although
de Cruce – who witnessed a grant by Strongbow of land in Dublin
sometime before
1176 – may have been the earliest recorded member of this family in
Ireland (although
Sir Maurice Cruys who died in 1216 was regarded as the forebear of this
family).  These Cruys had established
themselves at
Naul near Dublin in the early 13th century and may also have taken up
at Cruicetown in county Meath by that time.

Meath became increasingly lawless during the 14th and 15th centuries
one family head, Sir Christopher Cruys (as recounted in The Song of Mary Anne
), paid with
his life.  The Cruys spelling gave way to
Cruise in the
17th century.  But both the Meath and
Dublin branches remained staunch adherents of the Catholic faith.  After taking part in the 1641 rebellion,
their lands were subsequently forfeited.

The main Cruise presence in Ireland by the 19th century was in and
around Dublin.  There was also Cruises in
Roscommon and  Offaly.

evidence suggests that the Cruwyses of Devon and the Cruises of Ireland
related, both originating probably from one Anglo-Norman family.  This family gave its name to the parish of Cruwys Morchard near Tiverton
in north
Devon, where they have been lords of the manor for almost nine hundred
years – from
the 12th century until the present day.

In early records the name was usually spelt Cruwes, Cruys, or Crues.
present spelling of Cruwys was a curious hybrid of these early
spellings, first
appearing in the Cruwys Morchard parish registers in the 1680’s
Cruwys chronicled the village history in her 1939 book A
Cruwys Morchard Notebook)
The Cruse spelling, however, cropped up in Somerset.

Ireland provided most of
the Cruises in America
.  But if
the spelling were Cruse or Crews, England was the more likely origin.  A few Cruise arrivals may have originally been
Kruse from Germany or Denmark.

One Cruise/Crews line dates back to
Halifax county, Virginia in the 1790’s.
Another line, traced in Billy Buckel’s 1993 book Buckels-Cruise
Family History
, followed
Micajah Cruise from colonial North and South Carolina into Mississippi
in 1810.  Many of his descendants still
live in Mississippi, as well as elsewhere in the South.

Irish immigrants were more numerous in the 19th century.  They
included the
forebears of Tom Cruise
the actor who, it is thought, came
to Newark, New Jersey in the early part of the century.

Cruise Miscellany

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Cruise Names


was a noted Irish physician and writer of the 19th
century.  He was the inventor of the
endoscope in 1865.
Tom Cruise is the well-known
American actor.

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