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Goodyear, as its name suggests, means “good year” and was initially a
greeting like “good day” or “good bye.” Early spellings of the name
variable. In the will of Zachary Goodyeare of London, for
instance, the name was spelt in three different ways in the one
document: Goodyeare, Goodyere, and Goodyeere.

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Goodyear Ancestry

. Early
spellings were Goodere and Goodyere, early
uncertain. One family, the
Gooderes de Pointon, dates from the 13th century and the village of
Poynton in
Cheshire. These Gooderes intermarried
with the lordly Warren family and through this association could claim
title “Lord of Poynton.”

Another Goodere
line, traced to Monken Hadley on the borders of Middlesex and
dates back to the 14th century (there is a memorial to John Goodyere
who died
in 1404 in Hadley church). Francis
Goodere of this family acquired the church lands of Polesworth in
following the dissolution of the monasteries, and built Polesworth Hall for him and
his descendants. The line at Monken Hadley
continued and it is
believed that through these Gooderes, via Zachary Goodyere a vintner
London, came Stephen Goodyear, the emigrant to America.
Grace Goodyear
Kirkman’s 1899 book Genealogy of the Goodyear Family traced
this lineage.

The Goodyear name cropped up frequently in Yorkshire during the 19th
Yorkshire accounted for 21% of the Goodyears in the 1891 English census.

America. Stephen

one of the founders of the New Haven colony in Connecticut in

, a descendant via Theophilus Goodyear, was born in
Haven in
1800. He was the first to vulcanize rubber, a process which he
discovered in 1839 and patented in 1844. Although he died
in 1860 after collapsing on the street in New York,
his name has lived on. In 1898, almost four decades after
his death, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was founded and named
after Goodyear by Frank Seiberling. Unlike their rivals Firestone
there were no real Goodyears at the helm of this company.

Another line, via Andrew Goodyear, was to be found in upstate New
York. Here Frank Goodyear developed an extensive lumber and coal
mining business in the late 1800’s.

“To get lumber and coal to market, the
Goodyears built the Buffalo and Susquehanna
railway north from Wellsville to Buffalo. This line was completed
in 1906 and linked their lumber and coal lands to the ships at Buffalo.”

Some of these Goodyears
founded the
town of Bogalusa
in Louisiana
in 1906 by building a sawmill there. Chip Goodyear, who has worked for
the Australian
company BHP and the Singapore holding company Temasek, came from the
same Buffalo

There were also German Goodjahrs who came to America, such as Johann
Christian Goodjahr from Saxony who was in Lancaster county,
Pennsylvania by the 1740’s. Within a couple of generations
their name had changed to Goodyear.

Canada. Thomas and John
Goodyear were two brothers from Yorkshire who emigrated to Canada in
the early 1840’s. John started as a shoemaker and later became a
detective and constable in Chatham, Ontario. Thomas stayed in
Sandwich, Ontario for a while but then moved south to Detroit.

Goodyear Miscellany

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Goodyear Names

Stephen Goodyear was one of the founders of the New Haven
colony in 1638.
Charles Goodyear discovered and
patented the process for vulcanizing rubber in the 1840’s.
Julie Goodyear is well-known on
British TV as the actress playing Bet Lynch in Coronation Street.

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