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Anson’s origins are obscure. Son of whom?It could be son of Hann (a shortened version of Johan); or possibly son of Agnes (from Agnes has come the surname Annis). Another view is that it came from an old place-name in Yorkshire called Anston. The I’Anson surname is said to have come from Janson, a Dutch version of Johnson.

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England.  The most famous Ansons have come from Staffordshire and from the Slugborough estate near Lichfield. The Shugborough estate was owned by the Bishops of Lichfield until the dissolution of the monasteries and therefter passed through several hands until it was purchased in 1624 by William Anson, a lawyer who had made his mark in London and previously acquired Dunston Hall in Staffordshire.

A later William Anson had two sons, George, the Admiral of the Fleet famous for his circumnavigation of the world in 1744, and his bother Thomas, the local MP. George Anson had no children and the Anson line continued through his brother Thomas. Subsequent Ansons distinguished themselves in the British army under Wellington and in India, as politicians, and in court.

Thomas Anson was made the first Earl of Lichfield in 1831. The Rev. Frederick Anson was canon to Queen Victoria at Windsor castle. The fifth Earl of Lichfield was a well-known photographer who professionally went under the name of Patrick Lichfield.

But Anson is mainly a Yorkshire name, as the 1881 English census would suggest.

There is also the I’Anson surname. The first of this line was Captain John I’Anson who fought at Bosworth Field in 1485. He subsequently settled down at Hawkswell near Richmond in Yorkshire. Lancelot I’Anson was a chaplain to Queen Elizabeth. Frances I’Anson, the lass of Richmond Hill, is still said to haunt the town.

“This lass so neat, with smiles so sweet,
Has won my right good will,
I’d crowns resign to call her mine,
Sweet lass of Richmond Hill.”

William I’Anson founded the Blink Bonny stud in Malton, Yorkshire and his family were racehorse trainers in the mid/late 19th century. The family history was recorded in Brian I’Anson’s 1915 book The History of the I’Anson Family.

America. The Anson name in America¬†emerged when Silas Austin, believing himself to be descended from the naval hero Lord Anson, changed his name to Silas Anson in the late 1700’s. A later Anson of this line was the famous baseball player Cap Anson.

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George Anson was the famous Admiral of the British fleet who circumnavigated the world in 1744.
Cap Anson was a star baseball player of the 1890’s, possibly one of the game’s first superstars.

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  • 2,000 in the UK (most numerous in Essex)
  • 1,000 in America (most numerous in New York)
  • 1,000 elsewhere (most numerous in Australia)



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