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surname Dole came from France but spread to both Germany and
England. The root is the Old French dole, meaning “hurtful,” from which
comes the English word doleful. It was
a descriptive name for someone who appeared troubled or anxious

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French Dole numbers are not large, around 2,000, and seem to be mainly
concentrated in the Franche-Comte region of the Jura. The town of
Dole was the
capital of Franche-Comte until Louis XIV captured the area.

England. The Dole name is fairly
rare in England. The 1881 census showed
only 330 Doles and these were widely spread.
Gloucestershire provided the first Dole arrival in America. But there were only 11 Doles recorded in
Gloucestershire in 1881. The small village
of Great Little Marsden near Nelson in Lancashire contained more Doles. The preferred spelling in the west country,
particularly in Wiltshire, seems to have been Doel.

America. The forebear of
most Doles in America is reckoned to have been Richard Dole from Ringworthy in Gloucestershire who
came to Newbury,
Massachusetts as an apprentice clerk in 1639 and later developed his
business there as a leather craftsman.

One line through
Enoch Dole settled in Littleton in the 1740’s.
His son Amos was among the minute-men who responded to the
alarm in 1775 and was a sergeant during the Revolutionary War. Afterwards he moved to Maine.
There was another Dole line that settled in
Shelburne, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel Dole of the same Dole line, born in 1739 in Newport, was the
father of eight children, a number of whom also moved to Maine:

  • one
    was Daniel Dole the silversmith
  • another
    Ebenezer Dole, an early anti-slavery activist and
  • a
    third, the youngest, was
    Wigglesworth Dole, a cabinet-maker who was to be the patriarch of the

Dole, a missionary who came to Hawaii in 1840, was the first of the Dole line in Hawaii that
became so
influential there – politically through Sanford Dole, the first
governor of Hawaii in 1900, and commercially through James Dole and his pineapples.
The family history was recounted in Susan Dole Cole’s 2014 book Dole Family History.

A second Dole line
began with John Dole the Quaker who married Mary Williams in Jericho,
Island in 1688. He may have been related
to the immigrant Richard Dole, but there is no linkage known. John and Mary later moved to a Quaker
settlement in New Jersey. Some
descendants headed west to Ohio in the 1830’s and then to Kansas in the
1890’s. Bob Dole was
the US Senator for Kansas
from 1961 to 1996.

Dole name, however, has remained on Long Island. Around
the time of the Civil War, John Dole
began to dismantle derelict ships on Huntington beach to recover their
hardware. Reportedly Cornelius
Vanderbilt’s famous yacht, The North Star, met its demise on
Beach. More recently, a Dole family has
been operating a heating oil service out of Huntington since the 1970’s.

Dole Miscellany

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Dole Names


was the Protestant
missionary who first brought the Dole name to Hawaii in 1840.

James Dole,
as the
“Pineapple King,'” was the man that developed the pineapple industry
in Hawaii and began what became the Dole Food Company.
Bob Dole
was the US Senator for Kansas from 1961 to 1996 and a
Presidential candidate in 1996.

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  • 300 in the UK (most numerous
    in London)
  • 1,200 in America (most numerous in California)
  • 700 elsewhere (most numerous in Australia)




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