Halpern Surname Genealogy

is a Jewish surname derived from the German town of Heilbronn in
Wurttemburg. Heilbrunn had a large and
influential Jewish population in medieval times. Halpern
and Halperin are the main spellings today, dividing
approximately 75/25.

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Halpern Ancestry

Heilbronn gave rise to the
Jewish name of Halpern even though the town had emptied of Jews by
1500. There has been one DNA connection to an old Heilperin rabbinical
family from Germany at that time. Another line is thought to have
connected to Rabbi Reuven Halpern of Glowno in the early 1800’s and
then possibly before that to Rabbi Jehiel Heilprin or Heilperin
of Minsk a century or so earlier.

The Halpern and Halperin emigrants to America came mainly
from the Jewish quarters in the Russian Empire at that time.
Sizeable numbers came from Galicia, then part of Poland. Some records
from Lvov
date from the early 1800’s. Others came from
lands that were then part of the Austria-Hungary empire but are now
part of Ukraine.

There was a tidal wave of emigrants to America at the turn of the 20th
century. Others escaped, to America or Israel, before or after
the Nazi atrocities.

America. Halperns and Halperins came mainly to the New
York area. Some remained strongly rooted
in their Yiddish culture. Others had a
broader American experience. Among those
in New York were:

  • Ralph Halpern who was born in Manhattan in 1890. He became
    a state assemblyman for Queens. His son Seymour followed in his
  • Harry
    Halpern who was born on the Lower East Side in 1899. He became
    a very prominent conservative rabbi in Brooklyn.
  • Harry Halpern who arrived in the early 1900’s
    from Russia, worked in the garment center, and settled in the Bronx. His son Morty Halpern became a legendary
    Broadway stage manager.
  • Moshe-Leyb Halpern who came
    in 1908, aged 22, from
    in eastern Galicia to avoid the draft. He
    became well-known in
    the 1920’s as a modern Yiddish poet.
  • and
    Sam and Arie Halpern
    who came in 1949 after World War Two, having survived the Nazi slave
    camp at
    in Poland. The
    brothers started
    with supermarkets and then expanded into property, becoming one of the
    property developers in New Jersey.

Judith Halpern emigrated to America from Jablanow in Galicia in 1913. They settled in Fall River, Massachusetts. Later Halperns of this family changed their name
to White

Rebeka Halperin came to Minneapolis from Odessa in Russia in 1900 where
raised five children, two boys and three girls. Hal
Halperin became a manager of the Chicago office
of Variety and Max Halperin a Chicago agent; while daughter Nan Halperin became a star of
vaudeville stage

England. The Halpern
numbers in England, mainly in London, are small. Moshe
Halpern arrived in London from Lvov in 1910. More recently, Rabbi
Chaim Halpern has been a leading member of London’s orthodox
rabbinate. Colin Halpern acquired the UK Domino’s Pizza chain
franchise in 1993 and is now a wealthy man.

Halpern Miscellany

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Halpern Names

Moshe-Leyb Halpern was
an influential Yiddish poet writing in New York in the 1920’s.
Nan Halperin became a star of
the vaudeville stage in 1915.
Morty Halpern was
the dean of Broadway stage managers. He died in 2006 at the age
of 96.

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  • 3,000 in America (most numerous in New York)
  • 500 elsewhere (most numerous in UK)





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