Mick Jagger Family History


Michael Phillip Jagger, better known as Mick Jagger, was born on July 26th, 1943 to Basil (Joe) and Eva Jagger in Dartford near London.

Mick attended Wentworth Primary School where he and Keith Richard were classmates.  These two would be the nucleus of what would become the Rolling Stones, some say the greatest rock and roll band in the world.

The two had moved to London in 1961 and began performing and writing their own songs.  Their first performance with the Rolling Stones came a year later at the Marquee Club.  Soon they wrote their first international hit, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.  It established the Rolling Stones’ image as defiant troublemakers in contrast to the Beatles as lovable moptops.

The rest is history.  The Rolling Stones, with Mick Jagger as their charismatic lead singer, have been making records and performing around the world for more than fifty years.

Yorkshire Roots

Mick Jagger has Yorkshire roots.  His great great great grandfather Thomas Jagger married Sarah Snell in Batley, Yorkshire in January 1804.  Their son John was baptized that July at the New Chapel Independent Church in Morley near Leeds.  John married Abigail Scholes in Morley in 1831 five years after his sister Ruth had married Abigail’s brother William.

But their family seems to have split up in the 1860’s after the early death of John and his wife.  David Jagger, having first found boardings in Bradford, migrated to Whitehaven in Cumbria.  He married twice there, but both wives died young.  A son David was born to his second wife Elizabeth in 1880.

South to Dartford in Kent

David, Mick’s grandfather, was a teacher who migrated first to Derbyshire where he married and then made the move south to Dartford in Kent.  Mick Jagger was born in Dartford in 1943 to his son Basil (Joe) and wife Eva from Australia.  Joe was a schoolteacher like his father, and also a fitness instructor.

Mick Jagger’s Family Tree

  • Thomas Jagger m. Francis Illingworth in Yorkshire around 1780
  • – Thomas Jagger (1783-1837)
  • Thomas Jagger from Dewsbury m. Sarah Snell (b. 1784) in Batley in 1804
  • – John Jagger (1804-1872)
  • – Ruth Jagger (1807-1868) m. William Scholes
  • John Jagger from Morley m. Abigail Scholes (1808-1861) in Morley in 1831
  • – John Jagger (b. 1837)
  • – William Jagger (b. 1839)
  • – Edwin Jagger (b. 1843)
  • – David Jagger (1846-1906)
  • – Joseph Jagger (b. 1850)
  • David Jagger from Morley m. Sidwell Elizabeth Ingram (b. 1847) in 1879
  • – David Ernest Jagger (1880-1954)
  • David Ernest Jagger from Whitehaven in Cumbria m. Harriet Fanshawe (b. 1877) in Chesterfield in 1908
  • – Basil (Joe) Jagger (1913-2006)
  • Basil (Joe) Jagger from Essex m. Eva Scutts (1913-2000) from Australia in Dartford, Kent in 1940
  • – Mick Jagger (b. 1943)
  • – Chris Jagger (b. 1947) m. Kari-Ann Muller
  • Mick Jagger m. Bianca Macias (b. 1945) from Nicaragua in 1971 (divorced in 1978); rem. Jerry Hall (b. 1956) from Texas in 1990 (divorced)
  • – Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jagger (b. 1984)
  • – James Jagger (b. 1985)
  • – Georgia Jagger (b. 1992)
  • – Gabriel Jagger (b. 1997)
  • – plus four children from other relationships


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Written by Colin Shelley

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