Lennox Surname Genealogy

Lennox surname came from the
place-name Lennox
, originally Levenax, in
lowland Scotland. Those who
sway there became the Earls of Lennox.
sometimes lost an “n,” becoming
in its travels to America

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Lennox Ancestry

Scotland. The Celtic mormaers of Lennox in the
ancient sheriffdom of Dumbarton gave way to the Earls of Lennox sometime in the 12th century. The Lennox spelling did not become common
until the 1500’s, however. It was John
de Levenax, for example, who was granted the safe conduit to England in

By that time these Earls had risen to be among the most powerful nobles
in Scotland. Malcolm, the 5th Earl, was
one of the mainstays of Robert the Bruce in his struggle for Scottish

However, they then conspired against the Scottish king and Donnchadh,
the Earl at that time, was beheaded in 1425 at the age of eighty. The title passed into other hands.

  • in 1488 it
    was the Stewarts of Darnley who assumed the title and took possession
    of the
    Lennox castle at Balloch in Dumbartonshire.
  • and in 1587 the title went to King
    James VI of Scotland, soon to be King James I of England.

A cadet line, the
Lennoxes of Woodhead, assumed leadership of the line in Dumbartonshire. Lennox Castle there remained with this family
until 1927.

An early history was Sir
William Fraser’s 1874 book The Lennox.

SW Scotland
. The Lennox name extended
to Kirkcudbright in
SW Scotland when William Lennox (originally Levenax) became the first
Lennox of
Cally through marriage in the late 1400’s.
Their family seat was Plunton castle which they held until their
line died out in 1658. Robert Lennox, a
merchant from Kirkcudbright, emigrated to New York in 1784.

England. There was some spillover of
Lennoxes across
the border to Cumberland in England. One
Lennox line has been traced from William Lennox who had been born at
Aikton in
Cumberland in 1788.

But it was a royal connection that brought prominence to the
Lennox name in England. The name and
title passed from James I to Charles II of England and from him to his
illegitimate son Charles Lennox, created the Duke of Richmond. He made his home at Goodwood House in Sussex.

Charles Lennox, the 2nd Duke of Richmond, had
four famous daughters – the Lennox sisters
– whose stories were told in
Stella Tillyard’s 1994 book Aristocrats:
Caroline, Emily, Louisa, and Sarah Lennox.
The family lived
for a short time
– from 1813 to 1818 – in Belgium.

June 15, 1815 the Duchess of Richmond gave a famous ball in
Brussels at which Wellington learned of Napoleon’s advance into the
Netherlands. The Battle of Waterloo
occurred three days later.”

Ireland. Lennoxes
had come to Ireland at the time of the Scottish plantations in Ulster
in the
17th century. A large proportion of them
settled in Derry. Indeed 60% of the
Lennoxes in Ulster in Griffith’s
of the mid-19th century were from Derry.

James Lenox was the mayor of Londonderry in
1689 and was one of the leaders of its defence that year.
His descendant George Lenox married into the
Conyngham family of Spring Hill and adopted the name of

In the 19th century, there
were Lennoxes to be found at Kilrea and at Magherafelt.
John and William Lennox from Kilrea emigrated
to Simcoe, Ontario in the 1820’s.
James Lennox and his family departed Aughrim in
the Magherafelt area for Australia later in the 19th century

Lennox and Lenox appear as surnames in America.
Today the Lennox spelling is slightly the more numerous. But Lenox seems to have had the earlier

Lenoxes of Scottish origin here

  • Walter Lenox who settled in
    Williamsburg, Virginia in the 1760’s where he was a wigmaker and tavern
    operator. He lost most of his property
    at the time of the Revolutionary War and his son Peter, a carpenter by
    moved to what was to become the nation’s capital, Washington DC. Peter’s son Walter was mayor of Washington in
  • Robert Lenox who arrived in New
    York in 1784 and prospered there as a merchant. His
    son James became well-known in New York circles as a
    bibliophile and
  • and Samuel Lenox who was
    born in Trenton, New Jersey around the year 1785. A
    descendant was Walter Scott Lenox,
    a potter by trade, who in the early 1900’s made
    the first American-made porcelain to appear in the White House.

David Lenox and his family from Indiana changed
the spelling of their name to Lennox after their arrival in NE Texas
in the 1860’s. They settled in
Clarksville along the Red river and became wealthy in ranching, timber,
later in oil and gas production.

Lennox historic home in Clarksville was completed by Charles Lennox and
wife Sallie in 1897. Upon the death of
their daughter Martha in 1993, the home and contents were given to the
Historical Society.”

The land they had
acquired nearby in 1863 remained with the family through four
generations and
is now known as the Lennox Woods Preserve.

In 1854 Martin Lennox emigrated from
Ireland to Detroit where he worked as a machinist.
He fought in the Civil War but died in battle
in 1862. His wife Ellen moved with their
son David to Iowa where David founded in 1895 a furnace manufacturing business.
This has evolved into Lennox International, a global corporation
specializing in air conditioning, heating, and commercial refrigeration.


Edward J. Lennox was born in Toronto in 1854, the son of an
immigrant who had arrived from county Antrim some twenty years earlier. He trained to be an architect and has been
called the builder of Toronto because of the number of buildings he
before his death in 1933.

Australia. David Lennox from Ayr in
Scotland was also a
designer, but of bridges. He arrived in
Sydney in 1832. His legacy was the
number of bridges he built and left behind in New South Wales.

Meanwhile Thomas
and Anastasia Lennox from Dunmurry in county Kildare left Ireland for
on the Theresa in 1842. They
settled near Mudgee, NSW.

Lennox Miscellany

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Lennox Names

Malcolm, Earl
of Lennox
, was one of the main supporters of Robert the Bruce
in his struggle for Scottish independence in the early 14th century.
, an illegitimate son of King Charles II, was created Duke of
Richmond in 1675. He made his home at
Goodwood House in Sussex.

James Lenox
was a noted bibliophile and philanthropist in 19th
century New
Edward J. Lennox has been called the
builder of Toronto because of his legacy of buildings he designed
Annie Lennox was the lead singer of the Eurythmics, a popular British
pop band of
the 1980’s

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  • 4,000 in the UK (most numerous
    in Lanarkshire)
  • 3,000 in America (most numerous in North Carolina)
  • 3,000 elsewhere (most numerous in Australia)



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