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The English surname Noyes derived from the Biblical
name of Noah. Early spellings were Noy
and Noye. Noyes represented the
patronymic form.
The name may have been introduced by returning Crusaders from
the Holy Land who would christen their children with Biblical or Hebrew
names. Or perhaps the name derived from
an actor in a medieval pageant who played the part of Noah and his ark.

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England. Early origins of the name have been suggested in
Cornwall and in Suffolk in East Anglia:

  • the
    Noys of Cornwall
    came from St. Bunyan in the far west of the
    county where
    they had been minor gentry since the mid-1400’s. William
    Noy of this family rose to be
    Attorney General of England under Charles I in 1631.
    Noye has remained a surname in Cornwall.
  • while the Noyse name was to be found in
    parishes in the northern part of Suffolk at an earlier time. The Earl of Suffolk was the landowner there
    and at Ramridge in Hampshire
    the Noyes name was first recorded in 1432.

continued at Ramridge for more than two hundred years.

From this family came
Nicholas Noyes who had moved to Cholderton in Wiltshire by 1545. By that time there were two related
Noyes lines in Wiltshire, one at Cholderton and the other at Urchfont. The Rev. William Noyes, an
Anglican clergyman of Puritan leanings,

was appointed the rector of Cholderton in 1602.
Two of his sons – James and Nicholas –
him to the Puritan ministry in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Later Noyes in Wiltshire were to be found at
Burbage and Pewsey.

Noyes was born in Burbage in 1781. He
served in the 1st King’s Own Dragoon Guards between 1807 and 1817 and
fought at
the Battle of Waterloo. He then returned
to Burbage to be a butcher and died there in 1855.”

Also from Ramridge in
Hampshire came Peter Noyes, the MP for Andover in 1614, who moved to
where his family became established, first at Trunkwell and then at
among the Berkshire gentry. More than
one of them buttressed their finances by marrying heiresses.

These three counties – Hampshire, Wiltshire,
and Berkshire – remained the main places for Noyes in England.

America. Noyes
has been very much a New England name, coming from the Noyes of
Wiltshire who
arrived there in 1634.

New England.
Three Puritan preachers – the brothers James and Nicholas Noyes,
together with their cousin Thomas Parker – departed London on the Mary and John for the Massachusetts Bay
Colony. They established a new town and
church at Newbury in 1635. The James
Noyes House, built there around 1646 on Parker Street, still stands.

The Noyes lineage in America was covered in
Henry Noyes’ 1904 book Genealogical
Record of Some of the Noyes descendants of James, Nicholas and Peter

Early Noyes were clergymen.
James, the son of James Noyes, was a minister at Stonington in
Connecticut. He was in 1701 a founder of Yale University
Noyes have attended almost up to the present time.

were to remain at Stonington in Connecticut for the next two hundred
years. A branch of the family crossed
the border into Rhode Island where James Noyes, a doctor, had acquired
land at
Westerly in the early 1700’s. Colonel
Joseph Noyes was a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives
1776. His son Thomas, who fought in the
Revolutionary War, married his cousin Mary Noyes.

Meanwhile Nicholas, the son of Nicholas Noyes, was a minister in Salem
at the time of the Salem witch trials.

“On September 22,
1692, Noyes had officiated as clergyman at the final hangings of those
of witchcraft. It is reported that he
turned toward the suspended bodies of the victims and said: ‘What a sad
it is to see eight firebrands of hell hanging there.'”

From Nicholas the father came Noyes lines in
New Hampshire and Maine.
Joseph Noyes moved to Rockingham county in New
Hampshire in the early 1700’s:

  • his
    descendant John Noyes moved to Brattleboro, Vermont in 1800 where he
    began one
    of the earliest chain stores in America. He
    later served as a US Congressman
  • while John’s son John Humphrey Noyes turned out to be a
    radical religious
    leader and utopian socialist.
    On the basis of his
    principles he founded the
    Oneida community in upstate New York in 1848. It
    broke up in 1879 and John Humphrey fled to Canada.

Another Joseph Noyes, the son of
Cutting Noyes, departed around 1730 for Portland, Maine where he was an
officiating magistrate for many years. A
later Joseph Noyes, born there in 1798, was a ship chandler who served
as a US
Congressman in the 1830’s.

Later Noyes.
In many cases it was the case of heading West during the 19th

But in the case of Crosby Noyes,
born in Maine in 1825, it
was the case of heading south to the nation’s capital Washington DC. Starting with nothing, he became a reporter
for the Washington Evening Star and
in 1867 was able to buy the newspaper. Ownership
passed from Crosby through the generations to Frank, to Newbolt Sr, and
Newbolt Jr who eventually sold the newspaper in 1975.

Edward F. Noyes was orphaned at a young age
in Massachusetts and lost a leg during the Civil War.
He was elected Governor of Ohio in 1871. Colonel
D.K. Noyes
was also crippled during the Civil War.
He was a pioneer settler in Sauk county,

The notable Noyes academics
were not just at Yale:

  • William A. Noyes, born in Iowa, chaired the Chemistry
    department at the University of Illinois from 1907 to 1926. During that time he
    the dominant figure in American chemistry circles.
    His cousin Arthur and sons Albert and Richard
    were also professors of chemistry.
  • while
    George Rapall Noyes, born in Massachusetts, came to Berkeley University
    California in 1901 to start up a program of Slavic studies. I
    n 1919 he became its Professor of Slavic
    Languages, in which capacity he served until his retirement as
    Emeritus in 1943.

Australia. Silas
Noyes from Berkshire, a blacksmith by trade, was convicted of selling
brass and was transported to NSW on the Georgiana
in 1831. His wife Letitia and seven
children joined him there three years later.
The family settled in East Maitland.
After Silas died in 1848 Letitia remarried

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Noyes Names

William Noy
was a leading lawyer in Stuart England.
He was appointed the Attorney General in 1631.
The Rev. James Noyes
was a founder of Yale University in 1701.
Crosby Noyes
acquired the Washington Evening Star
in 1867 and his
family held the newspaper until 1975.
was an English poet of the early 1900’s, best known for his

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