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Penfold surname derived from the old English word pundfald, meaning a pound or walled
enclosure where stray animals were kept. It would either be an
occupational name for someone in charge of such as pound or would
describe someone who lived near one.

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Penfold Ancestry

England. The Penfold name is
very much a name from Sussex on the south coast of England, and
primarily from west Sussex.

Sussex. Philip de la Pundfold appeared in the Hundred Rolls as a
landowner in
Sussex in 1275. Further early recordings included Thomas ate Pundfolde
in 1296
and John Pennefold in 1332.

Many lines of descent have come from the
Penfold family that were landowners in the
parish of Angmering
from around
1550 to 1800. These Penfolds may have
originated from the village of Shipley near Storrington in the 1400’s
with the spelling of Penfould.

Penfolds were to be found:

  • in Chichester where Stephen Penfold was mayor of the
    town in 1669 and again in 1677.
  • in Broadwater near Worthing from the late 1600’s.
  • and then in Steyning where the
    family became
    quite prominent. Richard Penfold was the
    Surgeon and Apothecary of Steyning in the 1750’s and the Rev. John
    Penfold the
    vicar of Steyning from 1792 to 1840. His
    son Christopher emigrated to Australia in 1844.

The Penfold name was also evident in Petworth,
Arundel and the village of Hartfield.
A Penfold family started
the Tortington iron works near Arundel in 1833.
In 1909 James Penfold broke away and began his own business
farm machinery at Barnham nearby.

Penfold has remained a Sussex name. By the
time of the 1881 census the
name had spread to other places in SE England – most notably to Surrey
London – but not much further.

. Francis
Penfold moved from Petworth to Haslemere in Surrey in 1650 and
established the family home, Penfolds,
there. J.W.
, born in 1828, was the designer of the ubiquitous British

There was a gypsy family of Penfolds, starting with William Penfold who
married Mary Collins in Kent in 1805. These Penfolds
wandered and they and later Penfolds could be found in Surrey,
Hampshire, and Berkshire in the first half of the 19th century.

From the Penfold line in Steyning came the Rev. William
Penfold who became vicar of Ruardean in the Forest of Dean. His son John was an eminent Anglican priest
on the Channel Island of Guernsey in the early 1900’s.

The birthplace of Albert
E. Penfold
is unclear, but was likely to have been in London
where he began work as an apprentice in the early 1900’s.
He founded his company, Penfold Golf, in
Birmingham in 1927 and the golf balls made there became famous.

America. William and Priscilla Penfold
left Sussex for Lockport in upstate New York in the 1850’s and later
moved to
Buffalo. Their son William
became a self-taught portrait painter there.
His son Frank, formally trained, was to be the better-known
artist for
his landscape and portrait paintings.

Australia. William Friend Penfold was
a farmer from
Goudhurst in Kent who came with his family on the John
to South Australia in 1840.
They settled in Gawler where William opened the Plough
and Harrow
hotel in 1856.
Sadly his son Thomas died after eating poisoned dog meat in

years later in 1844, Christopher and Mary Penfold arrived in South
Australia from Steyning
Sussex and immediately started a winery based on the French vine
cuttings that
they had brought with them. Christopher’s
main purpose was to produce fortified wines for medicinal purposes. But after Christopher’s death in 1870, Mary
steered the production towards commercial wines and Penfold’s Winery became
firmly established.

New Zealand. Stephen Penfold
and his family from Godalming in Surrey came to Wellington on the Birman in 1842 and later settled in New
Plymouth. After Stephen died in 1851,
the family moved south to Wanganui.

Penfold Miscellany

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Penfold Names

Christopher and Mary Penfold started
the Penfolds winery in South Australia in 1844.
J.W. Penfold designed the
pillar box for the British Post Office in 1866.
Albert E. Penfold founded
Penfold Golf, the maker of golf balls, in Britain in 1927.

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  • 5,500 in the UK (most numerous
    in Sussex)
  • 2,000 elsewhere (most numerous in Australia)




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