Probyn Surname Genealogy

The name Probyn is of Welsh origin. It comes
from the Welsh “ap Robin,” meaning son of Robin. Many
“P” origin surnames come from the same
The transition to English-type
surnames happened much later in Wales than it did in England. The complex nomenclature of “son of/son of”
etc in the Welsh form continued until well into the late 16th
century. Thus we have, in a deed
transaction recorded in 1575 in Llanrwst, the purchaser being Robert ap
ap Howell ap Robyn, an interesting mix of English and Welsh names in a
Welsh style.
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Probyn Ancestry

Wales. Under
the English influence, ap Robyn began to translate into Probyn, Probin,
and other variants, first in the border counties and later in the Welsh
heartlands. There was a Probyn family of
some repute that held lands and estates in north Wales, as well as
across the
border at Oldcastle near Malpas in Cheshire. The
spelling has persisted
in north Wales, in Cheshire and elsewhere. But
generally Probyn has become the standard form.

England. In
England, the largest concentration of Probyns has been in
Gloucestershire. Probyns can be traced
to Newland near
the Forest of Dean from 1570.
A Probyn family were tanners there over six generations. Additional Probyn bases were established in
Gloucestershire when Sir Edmund Probyn in 1740 acquired the Longhope
manor on the
road to Ross-on-Wye and the Huntley manor a little to the north in
Newent. There were Probyns also across the
border in
present-day Gwent.

Some Probyns
migrated to London. Sir Edmund Probyn made his
name there in law, Sir Dighton Probyn in the army,
and Sir Leslie
in the diplomatic service.

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Sir Edmund Probyn was a
whig lawyer, a Judge of the King’s Bench, and Chief Baron of the
Exchequer in
the 1720’s and 1730’s.
John Probin
of London and Birmingham
was gunmaker to the Prince of Wales, later George IV.
Dighton Probyn
was the dashing captain in the English army when
the Indian
erupted in 1857. His gallantry in the fighting
won him a
VC. He advanced to the
rank of general and subsequently became a court figure (handling the
delicate affairs of the Prince of Wales).  
Sir Leslie Probyn
was British Governor
of Sierra Leone in West Africa in the early 1900’s.
A guardsman at his official
residence named his son, who later became President of the country,
Probyn Stevens.
Jeff Probyn
was a tight end prop in the English rugby
team in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

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