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Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13th, 1989 to Scott and Andrea Swift in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Her musical talents were evident early.

They may have come from her mother’s side of the family.  Perhaps it was her mother who gave her the name of Taylor after the folk singer James Taylor.  It was her maternal grandmother Marjorie Finlay, an opera singer whom she had watched singing before crowds at church, who probably gave her the inspiration to perform and to pursue music as a career.  Marjorie died in her hometown of Reading in 2003.

Both of her parents supported Taylor’s musical ambitions.  When she was only fourteen years old, they took a chance by uprooting the family from their farm in Pennsylvania and relocating to the Nashville area to be close to the country music industry.

Her first album, Taylor Swift, was released in 2006 and soared to the number one spot of the Top Country Albums charts for a record-breaking 24 weeks.  Her next album Fearless, which came out two years later, was named Album of the Year and Best Country Album.

Later albums have widened her appeal to pop audiences and made her a mega-star.  Her songwriting is admired, as well as her singing performance.

Her Eras tour in 2023 has proved to be a huge blockbuster.  And then there has been the romance with the footballer Travis Kelce, the tight end with the Kansas City Chiefs.  A record TV audience watched the Super Bowl in Las Vegas in February 2024 when Kansas City won and she embraced Travis in front of the TV cameras.

Early Swifts

Taylor’s Swift ancestors date back to Mayflower times.

Massachusetts.  William Swift, a leather seller in London, arrived in Massachusetts with his family in 1634.  He settled first in Watertown before moving to Sandwich on Cape Cod in 1639.  Later Swifts living there – such as his son William and grandsons William and Jireh – had large families of ten or more children.

The line from William remained in Sandwich and led to Gustavus and Nathan Swift who founded the famous Swift meat-packing enterprise in Chicago.

Connecticut.  Jireh’s son Nathaniel departed for Litchfield, Connecticut around 1730.  His son Nathaniel was a Lt-Captain during the Revolutionary War.

And his grandson Julius, born in Litchfield in 1792, moved in 1828 to a farm in upstate New York and then in 1840 to a farm in Erie county, Pennsylvania.  He had three wives and twenty-two children.  He was sixty-seven when his last child Capitola was born in 1859.

Reader Feedback: I am a distant relative to Taylor Swift through Lydia Hawkins Swift, the third wife of Julius Swift whom he married in 1840.  I was the original owner of the tintype (a photograph on a piece of metal) of Lydia beside a pot belly stove which has been shown all over the internet. My aunt and uncle were given three tintypes of relatives when they went to visit in Winnipeg, Manitoba many years ago. I ended up with them since they had no one to pass them down to.

Karen Hawkins Hayes (chayes10@wowway.com).


Charles James Fox Swift, Julius’s son by Lydia, was born in 1845 and lived out his life in Erie county, Pennsylvania.  He was listed over the years as a hardware merchant, photographer, and insurance agent:

  • his son Archie Dean Swift started out as a bank clerk in Elk county and progressed to be the Chairman of the Central Penn National Bank in 1947.
  • while his grandson Archie Dean Swift Jr, born in 1914, was married twice and is the grandfather of Taylor Swift.

The Italian Connection.  There is an Italian family connection with these Swifts.  It began with Charles Baldi, an Italian immigrant who had arrived in Philadelphia in 1877 at the age of fifteen.  He opened his own coalyard in south Philadelphia in 1886 which he operated until his death in 1930, along with a number of other businesses.  He became rich and a civic leader in the city.

His daughter Louise married Charles Douglas, a US Congressman, and their daughter Rose Baldi Douglas married Archie Dean Swift Jr. in 1942.

Taylor Swift’s Family Tree

  • Early Family Line
  • William Swift (1593-1642) m. Sarah (d,. 1625); rem. Joan (d. 1653) in 1625 in London
  • – Edward Swift (1618-1642)
  • – Hannah Swift (1625-1665) m. Daniel Wing
  • – William Swift (1627-1705)
  • – Esther Swift (1629-1676) m. Henry Bull
  • William Swift m. Ruth (1628-1705) in Massachusetts in 1645
  • – Hannah Swift (1651-1721) m. Thomas Tobey
  • – William Swift (1654-1700) m. Elizabeth
  • – Ephraim Swift (1656-1741) m. Sarah Perry
  • – Samuel Swift (1662-1730) m. Mary
  • – Jireh Swift (1665-1749)
  • – Hester Swift (1668-1737) m. John Gibbs
  • – Temperance Swift (1669-1746) m. Timothy Bourne
  • – Josiah Swift (1670-1749) m. Experience Nye
  • – Dinah Swift (1672-1740) m. Benjamin Perry
  • Deacon Jireh Swift m. Abigail Gibbs (1677-1740) in Massachusetts in 1697; rem. Mary Curtis in 1741
  • – Alice Swift (1698-1783) m. James Crocker
  • – Susannah Swift (1699-1745) m. Joseph Isham
  • – Jabez Swift (1700-1767) m. Abigail Pope
  • – Zephaniah Swift (1703-1781) m. Lydia Chapman
  • – William Swift (1705-1748) m. Abigail Burgess
  • – Nathaniel Swift (1708-1790)
  • – Jireh Swift (1709-1792) m. Deborah Hathaway
  • – Job Swift (1711-1801) m. Sarah Blackwell
  • – Silas Swift (1713-1794) m. Abigail Tupper
  • – Abigail Swift (1715-1796) m. Antipas Hammond
  • Nathaniel Swift m. Abiah Tupper (1713-1782) in 1730
  • – Abigail Swift (1748-1794) m. Peleg Sturtevant
  • – Nathaniel Swift (1749-1825)
  • Nathaniel Swift m. Sarah Thomas (1749-1835) in Connecticut in 1769
  • – Abigail Swift (1775-1851) m. Heman Comstock
  • – Chloe Swft (1785-1815) m. Worthington Wright
  • – Julius Swift (1792-1876)
  • Julius Swift m. Salina Bates (died in 1820) in Connecticut in 1815; rem. Laura Shove (died in 1838) in Connecticut in 1822; rem. Lydia Hawkins (1818-1894) in New York in 1840
  • – Charles Swift (1845-1909)
  • – Julius Swift (1846-1915)
  • – Salina Swift (1856-1896) m. Charles Voss
  • – Capitola Swift (1859-1941)
  • Pennsylvania Family Line
  • Charles Julius (or James Fox) Swift m. Josephine Reng (1848-1920) in Pennsylvania in 1869
  • – Archie Dean Swift (1877-1961)
  • – Wilbur Fenton Swift (1892-1972) m. Ada Lepsch
  • Archie Dean Swift m. Bernice Thompson (1882-1979) in Pennsylvania in 1909
  • – Virginia Swift (1913-2002) m. David Conover
  • – Archie Dean Swift (1914-1998)
  • – Eugene Swift (1919-1973) m. Mary Easton
  • Archie Dean Swift m. Barbara Godley in 1937 (divorced), rem. Rose Baldi Douglas (1920-1994) in Pennsylvania in 1942
  • – Archie Dean Swift (b. 1946) m. Christine Dennis
  • – Douglas Baldi Swift (b. 1948) m. June Jennings
  • – Scott Kingsley Swift (b. 1952)
  • Robert Finlay (1920-2003) m. Marjorie Moehlenkamp, opera singer (1928-2003) in Florida in 1952
  • – Andrea Finlay (b. 1958)
  • Scott Kingsley Swift m. Andrea Finlay in Pennsylvania in 1988
  • – Taylor Swift (b. 1989)
  • – Austin Swift (b. 1992)



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Written by Colin Shelley

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