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The surname Ullmann in Germany derives from a pet form of the personal
name Ulrich (comprised of the elements odal meaning “prosperity” or
“fortune” and ric meaning
“power”). The name was borne by a 10th century saint, the bishop
of Augsburg, whose fame contributed much to the popularity of the name
in medieval times. Ullmann can also be Jewish and here it
probably describe someone from the city of Ulm in
And there were also Ulmans and Ulmens who came from Ulmen in the

Ullman is the main spelling in English. In addition to Ullmann,
the spellings of Ulman, Ulmann and Uhlmann are also found.

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Ullman Ancestry

found in Austria, the Ullmann name is most prevalent today in Saxony in
southern Germany. The numbers are:

  • an
    estimated 15,000 Ullmanns in Germany
  • a
    further 3-4,000 in Austria and Hungary
  • and
    a smattering in Sweden and Norway.

Ullmanns were Jewish. An
Ullmann family from Furth
near Nuremburg in Germany became
prominent as
rabbis and business leaders in 19th century Hungary.

The name was brought to English-speaking
lands through emigration.

. An early Ullman family in England began with the
Rev. J.F. Ullman, a German Presbyterian missionary in India. His
son William, born there in 1852, had gone out to Australia as a
minister in 1880 but, due to financial difficulties, left for London
two years later.

Two Ullmans came to England at the time of World War Two under
somewhat different circumstances:

  • Walter Ullmann was a Jewish scholar from Austria who fled his
    homeland as the Nazis advanced. He settled in England and became
    a recognized authority on medieval political thought.
  • Antony Ullman was a Polish soldier evacuated from Dunkirk in
    1940. His daughter is the singer and TV actress and comedienne
    Tracey Ullman.

America. The Ullman named
first appeared in Pennsylvania censuses in 1732. Philip Ullman
came to Phoenixville in Chester county in the early 1800’s. Mayer
Ullman was recorded as a grocery store owner and tavern keeper in
Philadelphia in the 1810’s.

Samuel Ullman
left Germany with his parents for America in 1850,
settling first in Mississippi and later moving to Birmingham,
Alabama. He is
best known today for his poem Youth which was a favorite of
General MacArthur. The poem was on the wall of his office in
Tokyo when he
became Supreme Allied Commander in Japan. In addition, he often
from the poem in his speeches, leading to it becoming better known in
Japan than in America.

Some of the other Ullmanns/Ullmans coming to America in the 1800’s were:

  • Lazarus Ullmann and his wife Lydia who had immigrated to
    Pennsylvania from Baden in Germany in 1830. Their son Charles Ullman
    friends with the Fairbanks, a Southern plantation owning family, and
    his son adopted the Fairbanks name. This son was the silent movie
    star, Douglas Fairbanks.
  • Harry Ulman who had come to Chicago in the 1850’s and started a
    tobacco store with Max Newman in Peoria, Illinois in 1859. The
    business of Newman & Ullman still flourishes in Illinois.
  • Bernhard Ulmann who first started selling napkins, doilies and
    handkerchiefs with silk-screen embroidery designs from a pushcart on
    the streets of New York in the 1860’s. He later sold from his own
    store, Bucilla, on Long Island City. His daughter Doris became a
    well-known photographer in the 1930’s.
  • Anton Ullmann who disembarked from the Hermann
    in 1883 in Maryland and purchased a tobacco farm in
    Charles county.
  • and Johann and Augusta Ullmann who came on the Gellert in 1884 and made their way
    to Hartford, Connecticut. The next year they acquired Squire’s
    tavern and farm in Barkhamsted which was to stay with the family until
    the 1920’s. Sadly John Ullmann was tossed to death
    by an
    enraged bull in 1924.

Albert Ulmann was born to a Jewish family in New York in 1861. He became a banker in the city. However, he is best remembered for his writings on New York and Jews in the city for magazines and journals in the 1890’s and early 1900’s.

Canada.  There were Ullmans in Pennsylvania who were Loyalist during the Revolutionary War and departed for Canada.  Ben Ullmann came to operate a number of farms near Niagara by Lake Ontario. Philip and Margaret Ullman arrived in the Niagara area somewhat later from Germany.

Australia.  German immigration to Brisbane in the 1850’s brought some Ullmanns with them. They were spelt Uhlmann, however, and pronounced Yuleman.

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Douglas Ullman was the
original name of the American film actor Douglas Fairbanks.
Liv Ullmann
is a Norwegian
actress who has performed extensively in America and lives in Florida.
is the British comedienne and stage actress who found
success in America.


Select Ullmans Today

  • 1,000 in the UK (most numerous
    in Manchester)
  • 2,000 in America (most numerous in New York)
  • 1,000 elsewhere (most numerous in Canada)



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