Upson Surname Genealogy

Upson looks as it is a patronymic “son of” surname. But it
isn’t. Instead it’s locational, from the place name Ubbeston
near Heveningham in Suffolk (a name derived from the Old English
personal name Ubbi or Ubber plus tun meaning “settlement,” and
originally Ubbi’s tun).
Upson was apparently the local pronunciation of Ubbeston.

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  • Our Upson Family. Thomas Upson
    Farmington, Connecticut and Berrien county, Michigan descendants.

Upson Ancestry

Upson is primarily a name of East Anglia,
stretching from Suffolk south into Essex and the London area.

Suffolk John
Upson appeared in the hearth tax records of Suffolk in 1524.
Stephen Upson, a sawyer, left his home at
Stonham Aspal for America on the Increase
in 1635. The Upson name was being recorded in Able
Men of Suffolk in 1638
at various locations and in Debenham
parish records by the 1640’s. One family line began with the
birth of Robert Upson in Mendlesham in 1836. In more recent times
the England footballer Matthew Upson was born
in Stowmarket.

Essex John
was a farmer in the Rivenhall area in the mid 19th
century. And today the Upson name is to be found in the village
Hatfield Peveral near Chelmsford where they run – as they have for
four generations –
Upson’s Farm. Robert Upson, a seaman from
Harwich, emigrated to
New Zealand in the early 1900’s.

Thomas Upson was the forebear of
the Upsons in America. Not that much is known about him prior to
his arrival in America.

“The name of the port from which he
sailed, the name of his first wife, and the record of the birth of his
children have not been discovered, after much research.”

Thomas left his wife and daughter in England and sailed for America in
1639, landing in Saybrook, Connecticut from whence he made his way to
Hartford and then, a year later, to Farmington. His line has been
traced in The Upson Family in America, published in 1940 by the Upson Family

Freeman Upson departed from Connecticut for Portage county, Ohio in the
1810’s. Also arriving in Ohio, but a little later and into Lake
county, were
Job and Maria Upson
from Suffolk in England. One Upson line from Ohio moved out to
Wisconsin. Other Upsons settled in Berrien
county, Michigan. Charles Upson, a lawyer, served as Michigan
Attorney General at the time of the Civil War.

The Upson name moved South in 1810 when Stephen Upson left his home in
Waterbury, Connecticut to practice law in Lexington, Georgia. He
became the head of the Georgia Bar. On his death in 1824 the
Georgia General Assembly created and named Upson county in his honor.

Upson Miscellany

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further stories and accounts:

Select Upson Names

was a prominent
lawyer in Georgia in the eatly 1800’s after whom Upson county in
Georgia was named.
Matthew Upson is a footballer
for West Ham who played for England in the 2010 World Cup.

Select Upsons

  • 1,500 in the UK (most numerous
    in Essex)
  • 600 in America (most numerous
    in Florida)
  • 700 elsewhere (most numerous in Australia).




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