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Buren is a Dutch-origin surname meaning “of Buren,” Buren being a small
city in the Dutch province of Gelderland. The name has a certain
prominence in Holland because Anna van Egmond en Buren was the first
wife of William of Orange, the founder of the Dutch royal family.
The Dutch royals have been known to use the name van Buren in
situations that require anonymity.
The van Buren name has a greater prominence in America because Martin
van Buren was the 8th President of the United States. There are
also van Vuurens in South Africa.

Van Buren
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In 1613 the first Dutch settlers arrived and founded a number of
villages and a town called New Amsterdam in what was to become the
state and city of New York. Some of the Dutch families who came to New York
in the 1600’s, such as the Vanderbilts, Roosevelts, van Burens,
Schuylers and van Dykes were later through their descendants to have
important parts to play in American history.

From the town of Buren in Holland came Cornelis Maessen in 1631.
His family farmed in the Hudson valley at Rensselaerwick and, from the
1690’s, at Kinderhook. As the 1790 New York state census
showed, they were still farming there a hundred years later. Martin van Buren,
a protege of Andrew Jackson who was to become President in 1836, was
born in Kinderhook
and later retired there. As the Kinderhook
reported in May

“After the lapse of a long series of
years spent in the service of his country, President van Buren has
returned to the home of his youth, probably to spend the evening of his
days among those who have long appreciated the splendor of his genius
and admired his virtues.”

There are few direct descendants of
Martin van Buren as none of his grandchildren ever married. One
line comes from Martin’s second cousin, Barent van Buren. And the
strip illustrator Raeburn van Buren may be a distant
relative. The overall family history has been recorded in Harriet
Peckham’s 1913 book History of
Cornelis Maessen van Buren

Also from Buren in Holland came Gerrit Cornellissen in 1660. His
son Martin is thought to have adopted the van Buren name and settled in
Kingston, New York.

Dr. Johannes
van Beuren
, who arrived around 1700, was one of the leading
physicians of New York in his time. His two sons Beekman and
Henry followed him in his profession, Beekman in New York and Henry in
Brooklyn. They mixed with other notable Dutch families of
colonial New York. Beekman’s son Michael became a merchant in New
York, as did the next two of this line. Beekman’s grandson
William became a surgeon.

Some van Burens did move in later years. Cornelius van Buren left
the Hudson valley in the early 1800’s and, following the course of the
Mohawk valley, made his home in Glen, Montgomery county. Peter
and Isabella van Buren departed Otsego county, New York for Wisconsin
in 1844, settling in Vernon township. And Charles van Buren, also
from Otsego county, moved to Michigan in 1882. He settled in the
Clearweater township in Kalkaska county.

South Africa. The name in
South Africa came to be spelt van Vuuren. Gerrit Jansen van
Vuuren was born in Gelderland and came to the Cape colony in
1687. He has a large number of descendants today scattered around
South Africa. His original farm of Bellenchamp in Drakenstein is
now part of the Bellingham wine estate.

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van Buren
, the son of an upstate New York innkeeper, was the
eighth President of the United States.
Raeburn van Buren was a noted
magazine and comic strip illustrator of the early 20th century.
Abigail van Buren was the pen
name of the Dear Abby
newspaper advice columnist Pauline Phillips.

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  • 1,000 in America (most numerous
    in New York)




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