Justin Timberlake Family History


Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31st, 1981 to Randall and Lynn Timberlake on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee.  Justin’s grandfather Charles was a Baptist minister and his father Randall a choir director at the local Baptist church.  Randall and Lynn divorced five years after Justin was born.  Justin was raised by his mother.

Justin was singing on TV at a very young age and appeared in 1993 as a Mouseketeer on The All New Mickey House Club.  His castmates at that time included future singing stars Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and future actors Ryan Gosling and Keri Russell.  He joined a boy band NSYNC which became hugely popular and went solo in 2002.  Since then he has mixed his singing career with an acting career.

Timberlake Lines

There was a claim that Justin Timberlake was descended from Henry Timberlake, an adventurer who had travelled along the Tennessee river in the 1760’s. Although Henry died without issue, he was said to have married during his travels the daughter of a Cherokee chief and fathered children by her. 

There was also a possible Cherokee connection via a Richard Timberlake who married a Cherokee woman named Nancy Brown.  Their son Charles, born in Cherokee Nation East in the western part of North Carolina around 1800, married Liddia Hicks in 1820.  He and a family of nine, after marching in the Trail of Tears, appeared in the 1835 Cherokee census at Ootewah Creek before being removed two years later to the Illinois district in Tennessee.  

However, the main Justin line has him descended from Richard Timberlake, born in Lancaster county, Virginia and the son of immigrant Francis.  Richard’s descendants settled in Franklin county, North Carolina. Francis Timberlake married Nancy Poindexter there and was a cavalryman during the Revolutionary War.  His son James Poindexter Timberlake was recorded as being a churchgoer at the same Methodist church for forty years on his death in 1847.

It was James Poindexter Timberlake Jr. who made the move from North Carolina to Tennessee around the year 1845.  After his first wife died, James married again to Mary Mitchell and their son Charley was born in 1865.  Charley like his father and grandfather before him outlived his first wife and married again. 

Charley was a Baptist and the association extended to his grandson Charles who became a Baptist minister and to his great grandson Randall, a choral director in a Baptist church and the father of Justin Timberlake.      

Justin Timberlake’s Family Tree

  • Richard Timberlake of Lancaster county, Virginia (1736-1815) m. Mary Curd (1742-1810) in 1756
  • – Francis Timberlake (1758-1830)
  • – Elizabeth Timberlake (b. 1760) m. John Hall
  • – Agnes Timberlake (b. 1764) m. William Woods
  • Francis Timberlake of Wake county, North Carolina m. Nancy Poindexter (1762-1841) in 1779
  • – James Poindexter Timberlake (1780-1847)
  • – Epaphroditus Timberlake (1783- 1854)
  • – Richard Timberlake (1788-1860)
  • James Poindexter Timberlake of Franklin county, North Carolina m. Sarah Jones (1780-1832); rem. Nancy Sherrod
  • – Rev. David K. Timberlake (1801-1883) m. Jane Hubbard
  • – Ruth Timberlake (1802-1867) m. Joseph Pleasants
  • – John B. Timberlake (1805-1873) m. Elizabeth Hubbard
  • – Martha Timberlake (1808-1883) m. William Wiggs
  • – James P. Timberlake (1811-1869)
  • – Elizabeth Timberlake (1811-1899) m. John Connell
  • – Frances Timberlake (1816-1898)
  • – Atkin Timberlake (1821-1870)
  • James Poindexter Timberlake from North Carolina m. Rebecca Parks (1814-1854), rem. Mary Mitchell (1822-1871) in Tennessee
  • – Cynthia E. Timberlake (1864-1947) m. George Gurley
  • – Charles M. (Charley) Timberlake (1865-1929)
  • Charles Mitchell (Charley) Timberlake m. Mary Turner (1874-1902) in Tennessee in 1897; rem. Eva Pirtle (1885-1965) in Tennessee in 1904
  • – James F. Timberlake (1905-1968) m. Julia
  • – Oscar R. Timberlake (1906-1966) m. Carolyn
  • – Nina E. Timberlake (1908-1994) m. Clabe Settles
  • – Beulah Timberlake (1909-1991) m. Roy Eubank
  • – John D. Timberlake (1910-1991)
  • – Joe S. Timberlake (1913-1975) m. Corinne
  • – William H. Timberlake (1915-1999) m. Audrey
  • John Denham Timberlake m. Gladys Martin (1917-1963) in Tennessee
  • – Betty J. Timberlake (1935-2005) m. Tommy Reasons
  • – Charles L. Timberlake (b. 1938)
  • – Billy D. Timberlake (1940-2012)
  • – Buster R. Timberlake (1943-2015)
  • Charles L. Timberlake m. Bobbye Joice (b. 1939) in Tennessee
  • – Charles R. (Randy) Timberlake (b. 1958)
  • Charles Randall Timberlake m. Lynn Bomar (b. 1961); rem. Lisa Perry in Tennessee
  • – Justin Timberlake (b. 1981)
  • – Jonathan Timberlake (b. 1993), half brother
  • – Stephen Timberlake (b. 1998), half brother
  • Justin Timberlake m. Jessica Biel (b. 1982) in Italy in 2012
  • – Silas Timberlake (b. 2015)
  • – Phineas Timberlake (b. 2020)


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Written by Colin Shelley

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